Terry Peasley Watercolor Paintings

Custom Framing

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All of Terry's custom wood frames are products from the bandsaw mill. The timber is collected from either urban tree removal due to ailing health and/or weather damage, or property owners that practice sustainable forestry which includes the protection of water quality and fish and wildlife habitat.

Hnatural wood framesaving a bandsaw mill has allowed Terry to collect some very fine native wood that is not normally milled for woodworking, such as Serviceberry or Hawthorne. And then there is the beautifully grained Apple or Plum wood, along with numerous other soft and hardwoods.

Milk paint frames are wood frames painted with rich natural colors of milk paint – giving that "old country" look used centurys ago. The reasons Terry likes milk paint are three fold.

  1. This paint has a distinct fade resistance
  2. The fact that it is environmentally friendly. Milk paint is nothing more than a mixture of milk casein, earth pigments and clay, all which pre-date the use of petrochemicals and other toxic bases and solvents, which makes it non-toxic and biodegradable.
  3. Milk paint has a similar characteristic makeup as watercolors. Both need the element of earth pigments for their color, water is required for its application and both have a degree of transparency so that when layering two different colors, one can see a hint of the underlying color.
Size Print Only Framed
Limited Edition
8 x 10 $40 $65 YES
11 x 14 $50 $95 YES
9 x 18 $50 $95 YES
16 x 20 $70 $165 YES
11 x 24 $90 $195 ONLY
20 x 27 $160 $325 ONLY
16 x 35 $160 $325 ONLY
29 x 37 $300 $550  ONLY

Print Only - Includes print and conservation backing
Framed - Includes print, conservation backing, matting and glass in a contrast gray metal frame
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Terry Peasley Watercolor Paintings